About Us

Halcyon Shades utilizes technology developed by NASA to protect astronauts, and we put this technology to work to protect your assets from the damaging rays of the sun. With a dedication to serving the needs of customers around the world, our commercial window shades business model is based on the following principles:

  • Unmatched Quality
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Full-service care

The quality of our commercial window shades is tied closely with that personal touch to meet your unique needs. We customize and professionally install your shades with the goal of promoting health, a unique aura, and an overall reduction in your heating and cooling costs. When you use our premium products, you can reasonably expect:

  • 99.9% reduction of harmful UV rays
  • 80% reflection of solar heat gain
  • 97% glare reduction

What Sets Halcyon Commercial Blinds Apart

Unlike many of our competitors, Halcyon Shades strives to provide our customers an all-inclusive experience. When you rely on us as your commercial window shades store, you’ll find that we are with you from start to finish. We don’t abandon you once a sale is made as we are there for delivery and installation, and our product support team is available to offer any additional assistance you may need. When you work with us, you’re entrusting a professional team you can count on.

The Many Benefits of Halcyon Shades

Regardless of outdoor temperatures, our products incorporate advanced technology to help keep your indoor temperature properly controlled. They are able to effectively block summertime heat as well as reflect internal heat during the winter months. Some of the benefits our customers take advantage of include:

  • Return on your investment in as little as two years in energy savings
  • Ability to maintain both your health and furnishing by blocking UV rays
  • Eliminating glare that can lead to unnecessary eye strain on customers and employees
  • Earning up to 8 LEED points on certified projects

Keeping the American Dream Alive

Here at Halcyon Shades, we are dedicated to keeping the American dream alive. We are a green manufacturer that relocated manufacturing from Mexico to the middle of the United States in St. Louis, Missouri. You can count on our credentials as we have received a variety of honors including:

  • Show Me Heroes Award by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon in 2012 for hiring returning veterans
  • Business of the Year by Mayor Slay in 2009 returning jobs to the United States

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