About Us

The View Is Always Better Through Halcyon Shades...

No more paying top dollar for a gorgeous view only to block it with old fashion curtain, blind, shade and window tint technology.

Halcyon’s shade technology mitigates the effects of the sun’s glare, it’s harmful UV rays and that uncomfortable solar heat that often overwhelms a smaller executive offices, conference rooms, ship bridges, merchant storefronts, cafes, and restaurant dining rooms.

Handcrafted in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, by precision Shademakers, Halcyon Shades can fully integrate into automated smart home, commercial environmental control, and remotely controlled systems.

And as the world’s attention now turns to healthier homes and worker environments, Halcyon leads the ways with easily cleanable antimicrobial roller shades that help mitigate the threat pertaining to germ migration.

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