From Outer Space

Space-Age Technology used
to protect astronauts in space.

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To Your Space

Dropping energy costs and
light pollutions.

Corporate Offices

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People are a company’s number one asset. Halcyon Shades are designed to eliminate hot and cold spots in a building. This makes for happier and more productive employees. We protect people from the harmful effects of glare of UV rays.


Halcyon Shades have the potential to lower your energy spend by 10-25% thus improving a company’s bottom line.


Halcyon shades dramatically reduce carbon emissions generated by a building. We are a national member of the USGBC and our products are eligible for up to 9 LEED Points.

Commercial and Residential Window Shades

Whether you run a large corporation or are a homeowner looking for the right blinds for your home, Halcyon Shades has the answer. We put a focus on people, profit, and planet as we develop innovative solutions to keep your energy usage low and everyone’s health in mind.

Your blinds do a lot more than just keep the sun out. We design each of our products to also offer comfort, style, and efficiency. We’re here to help maintain your privacy in a way that offers optimal aesthetic appeal.

Increase the Quality of Your Personal and Professional Atmosphere

Our high-quality shades and blinds get the job done in style. We understand the need to maintain a comfortable atmosphere in your home or office, and that’s why we carefully consider the variety of styles we offer. We make it one of our biggest goals to offer the design that’s perfect for individual preferences. You’ll also appreciate the fact that each of our shades can be programmed and motorized to add to your convenience. During your free consultation, we consider your unique circumstances to arrive at a solution that is sure to accurately complement your lifestyle or work environment.

Take Your Home or Office Space to the Next Level Today

It’s safe to guess that comfort, protection from UV rays, and energy savings are important to you. The staff here at Halcyon Shades is dedicated to ensuring you find the product that will improve your daily operations and help you enjoy a higher quality-of-life. See how the Halcyon Shades lifestyle can make a positive difference in your home or office space.


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